Elevate your Brand Perception

REV+5.0 offers an extensive network of A‑list celebrities, writers, and directors to produce high‑production‑value branded entertainment.

"Partnering with leading brands that create new technology, Rev Plus 5.0 is destined to be the trusted voice of what’s next. It’s an all access pass to the future of Technology"

Use Social Media like Never Before

REV+5.0's influencer program directly involves social media influencers as both cast members and content creators to reach unprecedented digital impressions.



Celebrity /


Includes product integration, and cobranding if needed
Earned Media Tune-in
Generate Sales

Drive Sales with Digital Retargeting.

Detailed analytics from social media platforms such as Facebook or Youtube will enable brands to create strategic retargeting campaigns and increase ROI.

Consumer Journey

Hundreds of episodes

Brand Story Content
Marketing Program


Millions of Views

Influencer Program


Increased Sales

Digtal Sales Integration Program



Morgan Freeman

As technology seems to advance ever faster, it is going to change how we live, love, and interact with one another.
Partnering with the leading brands that create new technologies, REV+5.0 will explore how things like AI, ultra-broadband and smart devices are creating new possibilities and experiences.

Lori McCreary

Rev+ 5.0 will showcase high quality forward-facing, human-focused entertainment and is destined to be the trusted ‘voice of what’s next.

Xochitl Hwang

REV+5.0 is a business model that can capture the three goals of brand It will uplift a leading brand perception to the caonsumers, strongly build a PTO(Proud/ preferred To Own) of brand and creates incremental sales with retargeting.

Kevin Corbett

REV+5.0 will be a window for businesses and consumers to communicate in a new way that has never been before.
It is expected to play the successive role for which should be a global innovative leading company in the post-covid19 and the 5th industrial revolution.

James Younger

Curiosity and the opportunities to explore our world have made life an incredible journey. Created by the best and brightest in the entertainment industry.
Now we are here for the next generation. To feed an endless curiosity and inspire dreams of changing the world.

To be a global innovative leading company

in the post‑Covid‑19 and the 5th industrial revolution,